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Saturday, May 14, 2016

[RECRUITING] NiN BO2 "Ninjas Elite Clan Division of Black Ops 2" on PS3 and PSN - Open Admission for an Active NiN Gaming Network Clan Division [CLAN BATTLES DAILY]

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NiN Seals Team "NiN Gaming Network Tournaments Team" Draft Video for 2016 - 2017:


NiN Gaming "Ninjas Elite inter- Net Gaming" is a global online network of more than nine multi-gaming and multiplayer Ninjas Elite "NiN" clans established in more than nine online multiplayer games with current active memberships of more than 400 members and gamers from 14 different countries around the globe.

Since its founding in 2005, NiN Gaming has been based in the United States and Canada, but the network itself is a global professional gaming network with Ninjas Elite Clans established in games worldwide in 14 different countries in 3 different continents constituting three worldwide NiN Gaming Divisions; the NiN Gaming N. America Division, the NiN Gaming Asia Division and the NiN Gaming Africa Division as our members come from so many different countries and many different places with new and different gaming skills and backgrounds. In addition to being a gaming network community, NiN Gaming is also a gaming software apps development company. Apply at

Do you have what it takes to become an elite gamer and thinking of Joining NiN Gaming? 

Howdy, we are glad you are here. Please continue reading the following below, for a better grasp of your new future with our clan and what we stand for and we always hope to exceed your expectations and have a ton of fun.


Just some few facts about us and who we are and what we do and why we stand out from the crowd:

- Very legit and very active clan (24 hours a day/ 7 days a week)

- Experienced clan

- Very competitive and always striving to become better and constantly improving. 

- Mature, Fun and Friendly clan. We gift and reward hard working players and loyal clan members every time of the year. 

- Uses the top technological systems and devices available in the gaming world nowadays. We are super organized and consistently improving and game loving.

- We value the individual player and we appreciate team work and we always look for good, fair gaming through team working and having an excellent gaming experience for everyone.

- We host several Events, every year for our clan and for the public from the battlefield gaming community.

- We have a gaming creed; we play for fun and for a purpose. We are no life laggers.

- We are very competitive beyond just playing in-game through WOGL,CSN,ICOG and other major tournament leagues and we are also socially active beyond just gaming, through our Clan Forums, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels.

[NiN BO2 "Ninjas Elite Clan Division of Black Ops 2" ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS] 


[Other Main Requirements]

- Be Mature, must be 14+ years of age

- When applying for the clan, you will need to register on our NiN Clan Forums first at
 to have full access to our clan website and other functions available only for members including being notified of clan events, clan wars and tournaments.

- Must be clean and legit

- Must be Active 

- Must have a Mic and willing to download Raidcall and Skype for clan communications.

[How to Apply?]

Interested applicants, please apply for NiN BO2 on our clan website at and after being approved there, you will need to add NiN-Holly234 in game on PS3 "Playstation 3" console and on PSN "Playstation Network". 
Please feel free to send us your questions via e-mail at - Thank you all for your interest and #NiNFTW

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