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Sunday, January 25, 2015

How to connect to the NiN RaidCall Voice Server

Quick Details:

RaidCall (Register and Download at

NiN RaidCall Voice Server (ID: 5764287) - Add Holly234 as a contact to be invited into the server. Please remember to include your IGN "In-Game Name"/ Name in your friend request message to holly234. Thank you and #NiNFTW :)

What is RaidCall?

RaidCall is a free VoIP program similar to Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, and Mumble (whichever you're familiar with). Similarly to Mumble, RaidCall is a free, lightweight alternative to Ventrilo or Teamspeak.

Note: RaidCall is not available for iOS.

Why RaidCall?

While Mumble, in comparison to RaidCall, boasts higher voice quality, RaidCall is capable of housing ~10,000 users while still hosting above good voice quality. This is something that we hope to be taking advantage of in the near future in regard to both NiN Gaming-hosted Tournaments and Community Events.

For the time being however, we'll be using our RaidCall channel as a community access tool, providing the NiN Gaming community with a free voice service, as well as an additional means for members to meet new people within the NiN Gaming community.

How do I get RaidCall; How do I join the NiN RaidCall Voice Server channel?

Head over to the RaidCall Website and Sign Up for a RaidCall Account. When signing up, your 'Full Name' is what is shown in RaidCall so remember to use your IGN "In-game name" as your username on RaidCall.

Upon completing your Account Creation, you'll be prompted to Download and Install the Client.

Once installed, Launch and Login to the Client, which will bring you to the Groups screen.

From here you want to locate the Search function in the upper left of the window. Without quotations, you want to search for 'NiN RaidCall Voice Server' or '5764287' if the first search fails.

If you are not automatically joined to the server, you'll simply have to click on the server when the Search is finished.

Congratulations! You've joined the NiN RaidCall Voice Server and Channel! Now..

Once you've joined the channel, the first thing you'll want to do is Favorite it. You can achieve this by clicking on the Star button located in the upper right of the window, below the tabs. This will add our channel to your favorites, saving you from possibly having to search for the channel each time you login.

Secondly, in the bottom right of the window you'll find the Quick Menu for PTT. You can open this and set your PTT key without having to dig through the options.

What are all these rooms?

Users will be able to access majority of the channels, but some are restricted to Members/Staff or are simply private rooms. Channels that the community will have access to are as follows:

Lounge - This is the Reception Channel where everyone logs in. From here you can make you way to one of the other channels.

AFK - Again, self-explanatory. If you don't plan on being around, please move yourself to this channel. We don't need Game Rooms being clogged up with inactive users.

and more rooms and this is based on the need to create more rooms in the future as NiN Gaming &; the Ninjas Elite Online Multiplayer and Multi-gaming Clans Network expand in the future.


For the time being, we'll trust the community enough to not be inappropriate in their conduct towards each other. However, we will not tolerate users that are intentionally trolling, spamming, or harrassing other users for whatever reason. Action will be taken, resulting in either silencing or complete IP banning.

A few things to take note of thought..

'Instant Messaging' is another built-in service that RaidCall provides, allowing you to privately message other users.

We expect people to use this when contacting an Admin or Moderator when reporting someone for spam or harrassment, but we will not tolerate people spamming NiN Gaming RaidCall Voice Server personnel for game invites and the like.

More to come..

Anything else?

Nope. That's it! We hope you enjoy these services along with what we have in store for the future! Enjoy! and NiN for the Win #NiNFTW

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