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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

NiN Gaming Company & Studios hiring Unity3D Game Developers, Animators & 3D Model Designers

Are you looking to join a pioneering team with a focus on creativity and different thinking? A team who share a common vision of creating more fun, open and connected MMO "Massive Multiplayer Online" social gaming applications ? If so, then join NiN Gaming. We are the right fit for you.

Brief History of NiN Gaming:

NiN Gaming, a game studio and a global network of creative and different thinking group of pioneering electronic artistic professionals and fanatic gamers who share creating a vision and common goal of more creatively fun, open and connected gaming. We are customer experience focused, team oriented, highly motivated and creative with a "think different" mentality. We are where new gaming is born.

Job Description:

Our team is working on designing a 3D Racing app project named NiN 3D: City Racing, for multiple platforms including Facebook, iOS, Android and PC using Unity 3D. And we are seeking highly experienced, creative and motivated and very knowledgeable Unity 3D game developers in the areas of animation, scripting, 3D model designing to help develop our app.

The ideal candidate should display the following qualities:

1-) Highly creative mentality and willing to think different. Brainstorming creative ideas is highly recommended in NiN Gaming. We love those creative ideas.

2-) Highly motivated and willing to work hard for long hours and becoming a team member.

3-) Having an artistic touch and looking forward to new project endeavors.

4-) A MMO "Massive Multiplayer Online" gamer's experience and mentality.

Job Responsibilities (We are looking for candidates with expertise in "any" of the following areas):

1-) 2D and 3D Animations

2-) Scripting (C#, C++, and Java)

3-) 3D Model Designing (3DS MAX, Blender and Maya)

4-) Video Editing Design (Vegas Pro, Cinema 4D and more)

Job Requirements:

1-) A Bachelor’s degree is preferred in any of the following chosen fields (2D and 3D Animation, Scripting in C#, C++ Java, 3D Model Designing, Video Editing and Design).

2-) In-depth understanding and expertise in any of the following chosen fields (2D and 3D Animation, Scripting in C#, C++ Java, 3D Model Designing, Video Editing and Design)

3-) Excellent illustration and presentation skills.

4-) Effective communication skills (verbal and written) and online.

5-) Ability to visualize perspective, 2D and 3D space.

6-) Must be willing to work in a team environment and have the ability to collaborate with team members, as well as being able to work individually if needed for parts of the project.

7-) Must be highly motivated, highly creative and willing to think different and out of the box.

8-) Must have problem solving capabilities.

9-) Must have excellent time management and organizational skills.

10-) Must be time flexible and adaptable to changes.

11-) Must have the ability of self-management and be detail oriented.

12-) Must be very organized and be able to visually interpret other people's ideas and work with them.

13-) Must be willing to take direction, have attention to detail and deadline-oriented.

If you are interested in working with NiN Gaming? Submit cover letter, resume and portfolio to:

More info on the position available here:

Original Link:

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