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Friday, November 22, 2013

The Lone Wolf - A Ninjas Elite Productions Machinima in HD


(A Machinima created by Ninjas Elite Productions)


During the post Cold War era between the Soviet Union and the West, Russia and the United States have been both locked ever since into a war of covert operations to control the resources of the newly formed and independent Eastern European countries of the late Soviet Union that broke up in 1991.

Part of the covert operations war to both sides, was to utilize special forces' units of both sides to infiltrate each other's bases and wage a war of attrition on the enemy's resources with the purpose of complete destruction and annihilation. 

Capt. Wolf Verovosky, a russian special forces - Spetnaz team leader during the covert war operations, was assigned by the russian intelligence to infiltrate a unit based in a U.S. army base in Eastern Europe and become one of them. 

Wolf has send intelligence reports to the russian high command of possible U.S. strikes against major russian targets within days. 

The russian high command decided to strike first by targeting U.S. bases and military installations and that was met by an opposite american reaction.

The war has violently broke out and erupted everywhere to include all major U.S. bases in Eastern Europe and Wolf has found himself in situation where he had to
fight both defected russian and american troops targeting him and his team. 

Wolf's team has been completely eliminated and Wolf was the lone survivor of the massacre. Wolf headed back to continue the fight on his own and find his fate as a mercenary of war...



Please note that this machinima and its script are completely fictitious and are not related to real life events in any shape or form. 

This machinima has been created for the sole purpose of entertainment.

Thanks everyone and enjoy. NiN for the Win.

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